My Story

I have spent my whole life looking for something. It always seemed that whatever it was, was just out of reach. I graduated in 1999 from Columbus State Community College with an associates degree in Veterinary Technology. I worked until 2003 when I welcomed my twin boys into the world. I then became a stay at home mom. This got me back to thinking about that something that kept eluding me, so the search began again. I explored every religion trying to find one that resonated with me. Nothing.

Since moving to Ohio in 1996, I dealt with depression and anxiety and it peaked in the fall of 2014. I had given up looking for what I needed to do in life, I just existed. I did what I needed to do with my house and my kids but I felt hopeless. Modern medicine had failed me so resigned to the fact that there was no fixing me.

One of my good friends told me of a person they went to for shamanic healing. I had heard of Shaman’s but always thought that was just something in tribes in other countries. I was intrigued and also hopeful that this was the answer. It was! It also helped open up what I had been looking for.

Fast forward 3 years and now I am a Reiki practitioner and a Shamanic practitioner. This is my path, I have never felt so at home doing anything else.

I am a healer and I love every minute of it.