Being an Empath

What exactly is an empath?

Put simply an empath is someone that feels the energies around them.

Usually you hear about empaths feeling the emotions of others but it goes much deeper than that. Empaths can feel physical sensations, spiritual issues and knowing the intention of another person.

You are either an empath or you are not. This is not a learned trait. Usually passed down in a family and is a “gift” although, it doesn’t always fell that way.

A person who is empathic and doesn’t know it are susceptible to energy attacks and being influenced by the energies around you. A person that becomes a “doormat” is usually an emapth. They are the peacemakers because subconsciously they are trying to keep the energy happy. So in order to do that they have to keep everyone around them happy and that leads to empaths being walked on and taken advantage of.

What happens when an emapth soaks up all of these energies? Some are naturally able to release it but the majority hold on to it and soon believe it is theirs. This can lead to anxiety and depression and sometimes turn into physical symptoms like stomach problems. This is your body trying to purge out what it does not need.

For example if you take a cup and sit it on the counter, and everyone in the house puts water in it every time they walk past. Soon that cup is going to run over because there is no more room. Empaths are that cup. They soak everything up and if they do not release it or block it, it will begin to run over.

I am sorry if I have painted a scary picture but with the bad there is good. It is all about balance. If you learn how to shield appropriately, release what isn’t yours and only tap in when you need to, being an empath can be very rewarding.

Empaths are usually healers and very intuitive. They are here to help people, animals and the planet. Most earth warriors are empaths because they can feel the suffering of Mother Earth. Because they can feel so deeply, they can tune into to feel the problem and objectively come up with a solution.

Empaths have wonderful imaginations and are very creative People flock to be around their energy. Many empaths become teachers of art and music because they understand the healing properties of music and self expression.

Are you an emapth?? Here are some empathic traits:

  • Knowing. You just know, you get a gut feeling about something and it turns out to be right.
  • Watching certain shows on TV are unbearable. Mostly vilolence, cruelty or tragedy.
  • Being a “doormat” Letting people dictate how, when and why you do things. All in the name of keeping the peace.
  • Stomach problems. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the stomach and is where most people hold things. It reacts by causing stomach and intestinal issues.
  • People tend to tell you their life story, even strangers. You are a beacon, they sense your problem solving energy.
  • Prone to be overweight even though they eat correctly and exercise. This is a form of protection that and empath has formed over the years.
  • Can seem shy or anti social.

These are just a few traits that empaths possible have.

If you have any questions about being an empath or wondering if you are one. Please feel free to message me or call me with any questions

Love and hugs to you all