Shamanism is not a religion. It is a belief system that honors everything as alive and connected.

I, with the help of my guides and spirit allies, will help you and support you on your spiritual journey.

The services I provide are:

Sound Healing

10-15 minute session using Drums, rattles and singing bowls. The power of sound to help relax you.

Shamanic extraction

This is a removal of misplaced energy. We can pick these energies up anywhere and typically they are harmless just looking for a place to stay. I will remove these gently and send it on to be recycled back to the Earth.

Power retrievals

We all have guides and they can come in different forms and they can get lost in the shuffle of daily life causing a loss of power. I can help you to retrieve these allies for you to help bring your power back.

Soul retrievals

Soul loss can happen in a traumatic event. This loss can make you feel not all there, depressed or the feeling of being stuck.

Land and house clearings

Clearing a house or land of unwanted entities.